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Things to Look Out for While Searching for Serviced Apartments to Rent


There are various types of accommodations that are made available by lodging businesses from across the globe. Since people rent dwelling spaces for different purposes, the industry has developed into a more diverse space—allowing local and foreign lodgers to choose the type of accommodation that will suit their needs and preferences. Hotels, boutique hotels, serviced apartments, and homestays/BnBs are just some of the more popular and preferred lodging types in the tourism sector.

However, when talking about the best lodging type, serviced apartments surely gets ahead of the game. They come with a wide range of amenities and features that guests can benefit from during their stay, which cannot be usually found in most hotels. This is why serviced apartments are the best choice when it comes to lodging since guests are able to make the most out of what they are paying for, especially when it comes to extended stays.

serviced apartment in singapore

Serviced apartments are fully furnished spaces that can be booked for both short-term or long-term occupancy. Just like a hotel, serviced apartments are indeed “serviced” as this type of accommodation typically offers room services and has a dedicated concierge for guests. Ideally, apartments like these should already be fully equipped with the necessary home accessories such as kitchen utensils, hygiene kits, and other complimentary items. Unlike hotels, a serviced apartment is more affordable and homey. Instead of having only a limited space in a single room, a serviced residence allows guests to stay in a place that is much more spacious and airy. Serviced apartments in Singapore are popular for their overall interior design; depending on where it is situated, most serviced residences exhibit a theme that matches the location’s culture and heritage—allowing tourists to still feel the adventure even when lounging at “home”.

Anyone can book a serviced apartment and this kind of accommodation usually appeals to locals and travellers. Serviced apartments are the perfect haven for tourists who are staying at a certain place for an extended period of time. Since staying at a hotel can be more costly, serviced apartments have become a popular lodging place for travellers. Locals opt for serviced apartments because of its overall ambiance, cost-efficiency, and  features. Instead of staying at hotels or other options that cater more to those who are staying for only a short period of time, they prefer to book serviced apartments because of the convenience, practicality, and great room appearance that it offers.

Who are serviced apartments for?

serviced apartment

A serviced apartment is quite similar to a hotel. They offer the same features and amenities but there are certain aspects that make serviced apartments a better choice. Hotels offer a luxurious stay but with serviced apartments, the comfort and convenience are more apparent. There are added features such as a kitchenette and a laundry facility that will make every guest’s stay more worthwhile.

Serviced apartments serve as a temporary home for various people including foreign tourists, businessmen, locals who want to enjoy life in a different setting for some time, and even those who are awaiting the completion of their house’s renovation. This way, guests can savour the experience of staying in modern and state-of-art units that are also homey and cozy.

Being away from home is tough but cannot be avoided especially when it’s required by your job. People book serviced apartments because it hits closer to home than most. It provides a more comfortable scenario for the guests because of the ambience and the provided necessities that make their stay free from any hassle. It’s just like staying in an apartment of your own but in a more temporary setting.

Serviced apartments are meant to bring the two worlds of traveling in luxury and comfort together. This makes it possible for travelers and lodgers to enjoy their check-in without having to worry about other things. They can freely relax or explore without thinking about their laundry, food, or housekeeping. No need to make or pay for additional requests because everything is provided by serviced suites.

What should you consider when renting a serviced apartment in Singapore?

Serviced apartments are only a temporary house setting for most. However, before renting out one, there are still a lot of factors to consider. This is to ensure that you will make the most out of your stay and will not be regretting anything in the end. After all, there’s money and time spent on this matter. This way, you can come back again and book a room with the same serviced apartment and even recommend it to your relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Below are the following things to take into consideration when renting a serviced apartment:

Location and Amenities

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Location is very important when it comes to lodging, especially when it’s in a place that’s unfamiliar to the guest. Determine whether or not the apartment is located in a type of environment that’s most suitable to your taste. For instance, if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, guests can rent out a serviced apartment outside of town where they can enjoy the bliss of nature and fresh air. Most vacationists enjoy staying in serene places or those near nature and parks.

But if you prefer being surrounded by the bustling sounds of life in the urban jungle, choose the one that is located in the heart of the city or business district. This is typically the choice of those who are in town for business or are traveling due to work-related reasons. Consider this matter carefully for the ambiance of the area where the apartment is located will have an impact on your stay. Our collection of serviced apartments are in different locations:

We have one in Boat Quay, which is at the mouth of the Singapore River. This area is well-known for providing the best nightlife experience in Singapore. Also found near Singapore River are Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay where some of our service apartments are also located. Clarke Quay is surrounded by nightclubs, perfect for those who enjoy drinking and partying with friends. Meanwhile, Robertson Quay is the quieter district, an area that’s more suitable for those who want to be close to the action but also want an equal amount of peacefulness.

Our serviced apartments in Singapore are also scattered around the central business district and cultural districts such as Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown. Basically, most of our apartments are near to city life, convenient for our guests to walk around or explore the beauty and vibrance of Singapore.

You should also take into consideration whether or not the serviced apartment is within walking distance from essential amenities. Check if the apartment is a stone’s throw away from important establishments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, medical centres, shopping malls, and public transportations like an MRT station or bus stops. Proximity to public transport will make commuting easy and hassle-free for those who don’t own a private vehicle. This will make it easier for you to go through your planned activities because everything you need is only a few minutes away.

There are plenty of serviced apartments in Singapore, but make sure to choose the one that will make your stay worthwhile and hassle-free to avoid any delays or interference with your plans.

Types of Serviced Apartment

Just like hotel rooms, there are also different types of serviced apartments and each type caters to the varying needs of the guests. Most traditional serviced apartments are seen in tall buildings and other high-rise establishments; with Heritage Collection, the experience is more homey as it is situated in charming shophouses and include services and facilities that make the stay more convenient. There are also differences in room sizes since each room is designed to fit the number of people who will be staying in it and the style of the apartment depends on the taste and needs of the guest. Here are the following types of serviced apartments:

1. Loft-type apartments

serviced apartment

This is another type of our serviced apartment units. It is the vertically-extended version of the studios and is a loft-type of room that can accommodate 2 people. Lofts are great for those who desire to stay in a room that separates the living room from the bedroom and that’s got more space to move around in. This feels more like a real home.

2. Studio apartments

serviced apartment

Studio serviced apartments are like large bedrooms or a standard hotel room. This means that it is just one open room where you will find the bedroom, living, and dining areas all in one place. This is more suitable for one or two persons, particularly couples who are traveling together. Although studio apartments are relatively smaller in size, that doesn’t mean it’s any less of quality.

3. One-bedroom apartments

This is a type of serviced apartment suitable for one or two guests who also require a separation between the living and bedroom area but do not fancy the loft-type apartments. Just like the loft, the one bedroom apartment also gives the guest more privacy compared to a studio.

4. Two-bedroom apartments

This is also a larger type of serviced apartment that can accommodate 2 to 4 individuals. The 2-bedroom type enables lodgers to stay in one unit but can still provide them with enough privacy during the night as there are 2 separate bedrooms for the guests.

The rooms may differ in terms of style, space, and amenities, but they share one goal: providing the best stay for guests.

Facilities of the Serviced Apartment

serviced apartment

Being away from home and adjusting to a new space/environment is not easy for everyone, so it would be best to stay in a place that hits closest to home. Serviced apartments are homier and cozier compared to hotel rooms because of the provided ambiance and the available facilities. Check with your prospective serviced apartment and find out what facilities and features that they can offer.

Check the quality of the bed, the bathroom, and the other areas of the unit. Make sure that the place is air-conditioned, completely sanitized, and if there aren’t any broken items when you first check-in. This is to avoid being held accountable for any damage that is already existent before your arrival.

If you prefer to eat home-cooked meals, find out if the apartment has its own kitchenette. This way, you have a place and the necessary cooking utensils to prepare your food. But you can also ask if the apartment has its own restaurant where you can get complimentary breakfast or other meals.

If you are staying for an extended period, expect that you will be needing to do some laundry. Most serviced apartments come with a washing machine but still check just to make sure. There is also the matter of housekeeping which is extremely necessary to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the apartment you are staying at.

If you like to exercise regularly, find out if the establishment has its own gym or sports facilities such as a swimming pool to keep yourself physically active.

Also, if you are working remotely, check with the serviced apartment’s concierge on whether or not they have complimentary and high-speed Wi-Fi. Internet is basically everywhere but ensure that they have a good signal and whether or not it’s free so you are prepared if there are any additional costs. All these and more are essential to the quality of your stay.


budget for vacation

Traveling is impossible without any expenses (not unless you’re on an all-expenses-paid trip). So, you have to make sure that the price of the serviced apartment you will be renting is suitable for your budget.

Carefully decide on whether or not you need a high-end apartment with more than enough facilities or one that comes with basic facilities. If you need the whole package and have more budget to spend, you can opt for the first one. But if the other facilities aren’t completely necessary, you can settle for the second one. This way, you can spend on other much-needed things during your trip. Also, consider the accessibility of the serviced apartment. Where it’s located will affect your spending because of the cost of public transport or gas (if you have a private vehicle). Also, check if it’s a few minutes’ walk away from a business centre or amenities such as a shopping mall or fitness centre (if you like to exercise every day). If it’s a little out of the way, you might spend more on transportation.

Don’t forget to consult with the serviced apartment owner with regard to the lease terms. Also, make sure that the prices are transparent so that you are aware of what they will be charging you. You must allocate your desired budget ahead and figure out what you are willing to compromise on to ensure that you will have a sustainable budget for the duration of your stay.


hotel service

Service is a major aspect of your stay in serviced apartments. Your stay is not just about a room with a breathtaking view but also a superb staff that will properly take care of you and your needs during your stay.

You can check the reviews of the serviced apartment’s previous guests and assess their overall experience with their stay. Reviews are commonly posted on websites like TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Trip.com. Check to see if the staff was respectful, accommodating, and assertive. This will make you see how much they value their guests. Remember, service is considered to be the very heart of the hospitality industry. It is important that the owner, manager, and staff of the serviced apartment you are staying at knows and upholds this value. Heritage Collection has garnered positive reviews of over 90% from guests posted on websites like Booking.com, Expedia, and Trip.com. Additionally, it has also received a Superhost status on Airbnb.

Don’t forget that you can also post your own reviews after your stay so that you can provide tips and recommendations for future guests. This will give them a reliable point of reference when choosing a serviced apartment for their travels.


Security is a vital aspect of each establishment. Considering how dangerous the world can be, it would be best to book with serviced apartments that have guaranteed 24/7 security. Some of the factors that you should check are if the building has its own security staff, if there are CCTV cameras installed in most of the areas including the lobby and hallways, and how the management is strict with letting non-guests inside.

The safety and security of the guests should be given utmost importance. The rooms should also be accessed solely by the guest to ensure that their valuable items are safe from possible thieves or intruders.


serviced apartment

There are plenty of serviced apartments in Singapore. But given that many choices, you need to rightfully determine which one provides the best service and accommodation. Staying away from your own residence for a longer period of time may make you homesick, so it would be best to book the kind of room that’s comfortable and inviting. Serviced apartments will allow you to experience the local way of traveling and are fully equipped with all the much-needed essentials. This will also make you feel if the money you invested was worth it. Traveling can be costly, especially if the place you are going to has a higher cost of living. Just remember the factors mentioned in choosing a serviced apartment in Singapore. With the right serviced apartment, you will not only guarantee a pleasurable staycation but you will also get a better glimpse of what the local area has to offer.

If you’re looking for a serviced apartment that’s complete with facilities and nearby amenities, has friendly staff, and also offers rooms at reasonable prices—get in touch with Heritage Collection.

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