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Swifties, are you ready to “Sparks Fly” in Singapore?!


Taylor Swift is gracing Singapore with her phenomenal presence from 02 – 09 March 2024, and you sure don’t want to miss out. But beyond the iconic music and electrifying atmosphere, the real magic lies in crafting the perfect Singapore escape before and after the concert. That’s where Heritage Collection comes in – your gateway to a vibrant, authentic, and unforgettable Taylor Swift experience.

Our collection of historic and artfully restored shophouses and boutique hotels are nestled in the heart of Singapore’s most vibrant cultural districts. Unlike your regular chain hotels, each Heritage Collection property boasts a unique personality and legacy, whispering stories of the city’s past while embracing its modern spirit.

Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing)

While Taylor Swift might be the main attraction, your Singapore adventure shouldn’t end with the final encore. Heritage Collection puts you within walking distance of hidden gems, art galleries, trendy cafes, and bustling hawker centers. Make your Singapore Taylor Swift experience more than just a concert! Choose Heritage Collection and immerse yourself in the city’s rich tapestry. From vintage charm to modern comforts, our accommodations become the backdrop for your own unforgettable story.

Delectable Tong Heng egg tart just a stone away to Heritage Collection on Chinatown

If you’re looking for something sweet to fuel your energy right before the concert, visit Tong Heng for some handmade egg tarts. More than just a treat, egg tarts are a symbol of cultural exchange – a link between the past and present, proving that simple, delicious creations can transcend time and trends. Apart from its good traditional story, it is well due to its flavor and texture. The crust doesn’t just hold the custard; it elevates it. Flaky layers give way with a satisfying crunch, their buttery scent mingling with the sweetness of the filling. No soggy bottoms, just crispy perfection that crumbles beautifully, leaving you savouring every bite.



Chinatown Singapore is where streetscapes become canvases and history hums in vibrant hues. Yip Yew Chong’s mural trail weaves a tale, each brushstroke an ode to heritage. These murals aren’t just pretty pictures, they’re like whispers of the past, telling stories from long ago. They invite you to imagine life back then, to peek into forgotten corners and make Chinatown come alive again. So, explore, get curious, and let the colorful walls unfold their secrets, one brushstroke at a time.


Sing Swee Kee Chicken Rice

Now Swifties, listen up! Before you dive into the Taylor-filled frenzy, remember to take care of that pre-concert hunger. If you’re looking for something more than egg tarts, here’s our suggestion, Sing Swee Kee chicken rice! You don’t have to wander too far, it is located just a few steps away from Heritage Collection on Seah, no sweat. 

This unassuming star dish comprises slices of poached chicken, aromatic rice cooked with chicken stock, fresh tangy chilli, and it is served with a variety of dipping sauces such as soy sauce, garlic sauce, ginger sauce, and minced chilli. Roasted chicken is also a great option for those who prefer a more savoury flavour. Must try, this won’t disappoint.


Fort Canning Park

After a wild sparkling night of concert, a natural unwinding is something you might want to consider. To spice up your nature trail, be sure to hunt for the Fort Canning Tree Tunnel and you’ll come across a beautiful underground spiral staircase. This must visit location is just 7 minutes walk away from Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing and South Bridge Wing).

As you explore, you’ll realise that this is not just a historical site – it’s a living, breathing story that you can become part of.

So, Swifties, are you ready to sing along, explore, and create memories that will last a lifetime? Book your Heritage Collection experience here today and discover a Singapore that’s as vibrant and unforgettable as Taylor herself.

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