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5 Unique Boutique Hotels in Singapore That Tourists Love (Heritage Collection Edition)


Welcome to Singapore, a city where centrally located hotel options abound, allowing you easy access to the vibrant pulse of our bustling island. Among these, some luxurious boutique hotel options stand out, offering a unique fusion of contemporary style and authenticity.

Boutique Hotel Singapore, contemporary boutique hotel

A boutique-style hotel prides itself on delivering both an intimate atmosphere and personalised service, stamped with a distinct charm and character. Here in Singapore, Heritage Collection boutique hotels bring an old-world charm to life - combining a rich heritage with modern conveniences, creating an enchanting and comfortable space for you to relax.

From the exclusive rooms of small luxury hotels to the spacious rooms offering incredible views of the city, these boutique hotels respect the individuality and preferences of their esteemed patrons.

Situated near the central business district, these hotels offer you easy access to all the major corporate hubs, shopping venues, and historical landmarks. So join us as we delve into the world of luxury boutique hotels in Singapore.

Top 5 Heritage Collection Boutique Hotel Rooms

The most attractive and coolest boutique hotels can be found in the country. Heritage Collection’s hotels are situated in convenient locations across various districts. If you’re scouting for the best boutique hotel in the world, Singapore is your destination! Here are the top 5 boutique hotel rooms of Heritage Collection that you can visit for your next getaway:

1. Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing): Raffles Loft

Singapore Boutique Hotels - Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing) Raffles Loft Apartment

What Guests Say About Heritage Collection on Boat Quay

Aminath Riyaz — 5/5

"The location was great. We loved the space. The room was overlooking boat quay and many of the main attractions of Singapore. Lovely atmosphere."

"Beautiful view outside the window. We booked 6 rooms for our team and some of them had windows. Plenty of places to eat out, right outside the apartment...The riverside walk also was great. The MRT station is close by and it made our commute to different parts of Singapore super easy."

Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing) is the only property in Heritage Collection’s selection of hotels that has rooms with private balcony. Raffles Loft, one of the top rooms in The Quays, can be easily reserved through an online booking system. With just a credit or a debit card, you can already securely pay and reserve the room from the comfort of your own home.

This hotel room features a loft and a private balcony where one can enjoy the scenic view of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and the Civic District skylines. But more than the cozy outdoor lounge area, guests love the room’s fully-equipped kitchenette even more. You will get the experience akin to a vacation in another country when staying in the Raffles Loft because similar to what overseas travelers usually do, you can also enjoy cooking your own meals here.

Apart from these amazing features, the hotel room has an in-room washer and dryer, as well as a Smart TV that comes with Netflix. Book this room or find out more about its amenities by clicking here.

2. Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing): Stamford Studio

Singapore Boutique Hotels - Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing) Stamford Studio Apartment

What Guests Say About Heritage Collection on Boat Quay

Timir Nilkanth — 4/5

"I have stayed in Heritage Collection Boat Quay for 23 days. Being a mobile hotel it is very well managed. You will always get a quick response and assistance for the Herritage team. My overall experience was very fantastic. I recommend this hotel for its service, comfort, hospitality along with the nearby fun and attractions around it."

The other balcony room situated in the same stylish boutique hotel in Boat Quay is the Stamford Studioa spacious, fully furnished studio-type room. Guests can lounge in the outdoor sofa set while enjoying the panoramic view of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and the Civic District Skylines. Boat Quay is a vibrant neighborhood and a bustling area with lots of restaurants so staying in the Stamford Studio will be such a delight for any traveler who loves to explore and enjoy.

Inside the room, you will find a well-equipped kitchenette where you can prepare any and all types of food you want during the course of your stay. There is also an in-room washer and dryer, as well as bathroom essentials like towels and a hair dryer for you to use. All Heritage Collection hotels offer free wireless internet access so guests won’t have to worry about paying extra.

To find out more about the details of the room and how much it costs per night, click here.

3. Heritage Collection on Seah: Premium Loft Plus

Singapore Boutique Hotels with Stylish Rooms - Heritage Collection on Seah Premium Loft Plus Apartment

What Guests Say About Heritage Collection on Seah

Natalie Manning — 5/5

"The location of Heritage Collection Singapore is perfect for wandering down to the marina, Gardens by the Bay, Sky Tower, and everything else you want to see in Singapore. If walking isn't your thing, there's plenty of bus and subway lines right beside the building. Despite everything being 'virtual' it worked so well. The team were very responsive to any queries, they are so kind with their time, and they also check in to ensure guests have everything needed. And everything you need is in the room! The access to laundry and dryer was a pleasant surprise, and the team even provide washing powder to the guests. Overall, I highly recommend staying here."

Planning staycations can be overwhelming especially if the purpose of your getaway is to celebrate a special occasion.

The Premium Loft Plus is a premium room located on Seah Street. Because of the room’s deluxe qualities, it makes the best choice for special getaways. This hotel is conveniently located in a good spot on Seah Street where landmarks and essentials such as food and groceries, CHIJMES, Suntec City, and Esplanade are within walking distance.

The Premium Loft Plus encapsulates a luxe yet cozy vibe; with high ceilings and massive windows inside the apartment, the room creates an overall airy and spacious feeling that surely every guest would appreciate.

Its unique layout and modern interior also make it a guest favorite. Similar to Hericoll’s other hotels, this one also has a fully equipped kitchenette where you can freely cook. It is also a mobile check-in property so booking won’t be a hassle.

This premium loft is perfect for two peoplea queen-size bed is provided and complimentary laundry facilities are also available for use. The loft, which can comfortably accommodate two people, is definitely a cozy enough room to stay in. Its spacious interior and complete amenities allow guests to experience a relaxing, home-like vacation.

To book the room or access more information about the Premium Loft Plus, simply click on this link.

Singapore Boutique Hotels - Seah

4. Heritage Collection on Chinatown: Premium Loft

Singapore Boutique Hotels - Heritage Collection on Chinatown Premium Loft Apartment

What Guests Say About Heritage Collection on Chinatown (Along South Bridge Road, Singapore)

Angeline Lim — 5/5

"During my 4-night stay, I found the room to be impeccably clean and equipped with all the essentials. The location couldn't be better, with restaurants and a station just a few steps away. The air conditioning and other amenities functioned perfectly. Moreover, the hosts, Mary and Alex, were not only friendly but also highly responsive. A definite 5-star experience."

Another great suite that tops the list of hotels in Singapore is the Premium Loft of Heritage Collection on Chinatown. Located right in the heart of Chinatown, this superior loft room exudes a distinctive personality.

It is also purposely situated at a strategic location to make strolling around easier for guests; there are endless things to do and see so people would definitely enjoy their stay at the hotel.

Loft rooms are loved by many so this elevated one made by Heritage Collection is surely something that ‘staycationers‘ would prefer. The high ceilings and large windows make the space airy and bright.

The modern interior also gives the hotel a premium vibe without straying away from the neighborhood’s theme. Even though the hotel is close to various restaurants and food shops, guests are free to prepare their own meals inside the roomjust like how travelers do when they are on a trip overseas.

A kitchenette, dining area, an en suite bathroom, and an in-room washer and dryer are all provided for the guests. Apart from these, the Premium Loft also has other features such as high-speed wifi, smart TV, in-room electronic safe, and other appliances to make you feel at home.

Reserving a slot at the Premium Loft is seamless and easy, just click here to see the booking process and the list of its full amenities.

Boutique Hotel in Singapore - Chinatown

5. Heritage Collection on Arab Studio

Boutique Hotel in Singapore - Arab Street

What Guests Say About Heritage Collection on Arab

Helen Lai — 5/5

"The room was warm and tidy. All the amenities could be found as stated. Actually, the room was bigger than what I thought. I brought along two small luggages and one backpack, still enough space for me to use in room. There were small hiccups in using the Heritage Collection app and cleaning of the bathroom, but the digital concierge team were super, super responsive and helpful, so still a nice and smooth staying experience. A big shout out to the team, Ed, Alicia and Jarwin. Thanks a lot for their help throughout my stay. I would very much love to stay in this hotel again when I come to Singapore next time."

For travelers who love to spend their getaways at unique yet luxurious spaces, the Studio Apartment on Arab Street is another must-try boutique hotel of Heritage Collection.

This boutique hotel is situated at a very good location so various food and grocery options are all in very close proximity. The hotel’s back alley flaunts a vibrant exterior that features Yip Yew Chong’s popular mural painting.

Heritage Collection on Arab’s Studio is known for its contrasting theme. From the outside, the hotel looks fun and colorful but once you get inside, a clean and bright interior will welcome you right off the bat. Its interior has a modern and classy lookperfect for couples and business travelers who are in need of some unwinding.

The studio has its own kitchenette and an en suite bathroom; laundry facilities and weekly housekeeping are also provided to guests. For a no-hassle staycation, the Studio is your best bet among other lodging options in the area.

Boutique Hotel Features - Arab Street
Boutique Hotel in Singapore - Arab Street

From the booking process up to your actual stay, Heritage Collection has made it a point to provide every guest with a seamless experience and make all necessities easily accessible.

This hotel room also features a mobile self-check-in. To know more about how it works, click here.

Boutique Hotel Singapore: Why Choose Heritage Collection

Singapore is known for its good tourist spots and great hotels, but Heritage Collection’s boutique hotels are far from your typical hotel rooms. Unlike the standard ones, every one of Heritage Collection's hotels brings out a distinct personality and a story to tell.

Best Boutique Hotels in Singapore: Top 5 Heritage Collection Rooms For Your Next Getaway

Heritage Collection is the gateway to Singapore’s cultural neighbourhoods, which is why local travelers prefer to have these boutique hotels as their staycation destination.

Apart from aesthetics, Heritage Collection also places emphasis on convenience. On top of the basic room necessities and its other key features, every hotel flaunts a fully-equipped kitchenette, a shared or in-unit laundry facility, a mobile self-check-in technology, and a Digital Concierge Team who will provide virtual assistance to guests during their stay. Moreover, the locations of these hotels are within tastefully restored heritage shophouses and are in close proximity to landmarks and restaurant.

Take your getaway to the next level by booking a stay at Heritage Collection’s trendy boutique hotel. To reserve a date and view more details about the rooms, navigate through the hotel’s page here and kickstart your cultural adventures from the doorstep of your home away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Boutique Hotel?

A boutique hotel like Heritage Collection is not just any ordinary hotel. They boast distinct personalities and a story to tell, offering guests a gateway to Singapore's rich cultural heritage. These hotels are also housed in tastefully restored heritage shophouses, providing a blend of history and modern comfort.

What to Expect from a Boutique Hotel like Heritage Collection?

Most boutique hotels do not have a wide range of features. But here's what you can expect from Heritage Collection:

  • Fully Equipped Kitchenette: All rooms across the Heritage Collection hotels feature a fully-equipped kitchenette, allowing guests to prepare and cook their own meals, providing a home-like experience during their stay.

  • In-Room Washer and Dryer: For added convenience, selected rooms are equipped with an in-room washer and dryer, ensuring guests have all the amenities they need for a comfortable stay.

  • Smart TV with Netflix: Entertainment is taken care of with the provision of a Smart TV that comes with Netflix in the rooms.

  • High-Speed WiFi: All Heritage Collection hotels offer free wireless internet access, ensuring guests stay connected during their stay.

  • Mobile Self-Check-In: Some rooms feature a mobile self-check-in system, making the check-in process seamless and hassle-free.

  • Strategic Location: The hotels are strategically located near landmarks, dining places, and cultural neighborhoods, ensuring guests have plenty to explore and enjoy during their stay.

  • Distinct Personality: Each hotel room boasts a unique design and personality, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Singapore.

  • Modern Interior with High Ceilings: Rooms like the Premium Loft Plus and the Premium Loft in Chinatown feature modern interiors with high ceilings, creating an airy and spacious ambiance.

  • Proximity to Dining and Shopping: Many of the hotels are situated in vibrant neighborhoods bustling with restaurants, cafes, and shops, ensuring guests have a variety of dining and shopping options at their doorstep.

  • Private Balcony: Some rooms, like the Raffles Loft in the Heritage Collection on Boat Quay (Quayside Wing), come with a private balcony that offers scenic views of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and the Civic District skylines.

  • Cultural Significance: The locations of these hotels are within tastefully restored heritage shophouses, blending modern amenities with historical charm.

What is a Boutique vs Full-Service Hotel?

The essence of a boutique hotel resides in its smaller size, uniquely themed design, and a more personalised guest experience, emphasising on creating intimate and memorable stays. In contrast, a full-service hotel typically encompasses a larger establishment, providing an array of amenities and services, designed to cater to a broad scope of clientele.

Heritage Collection brilliantly bridges these two categories. This 3.5-star hotel offers a boutique-style experience rich in local culture represented in its unique design themes and attentive, tailored service. Simultaneously, we incorporate the range of services typically found in full-service establishments set across our unique locations.

Do the Rooms in Heritage Collection's Boutique Hotels Offer Any Special Features?

Yes, they do! For instance, the Raffles Loft in the Heritage Collection on Boat Quay features a private balcony with a scenic view of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and the Civic District skylines. All rooms also come with a fully-equipped kitchenette, allowing guests to prepare their own meals, and other amenities like in-room washers and dryers (in selected rooms), and Smart TVs with Netflix.

What is the Booking Process for Heritage Collection?

Booking a room is easy and hassle-free. Many of the rooms can be reserved through our online booking system. With just a credit or debit card, guests can securely pay and reserve their desired room. Some rooms also feature mobile self-check-in for added convenience. Watch our self check-in guide for the next steps after making your reservation online. For extended stays, connect with our friendly team via email at sgenquiry@hericoll.com or you may simply complete our online form here.

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